Hi, I’m Matt.

I am the founder and former Executive Director of Available Light Theatre, where I have produced more than 100 shows, including more than 30 company-created original works and adaptations. I am a writer, director, editor, speaker, musician, leader, educator, and a certified Positive Psychology practitioner.

What follows are excerpts and examples from my creative work.
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El-P, “Cancer4Cure”


Jaime Meline, a.k.a. El-P, took five years to make Cancer4Cure. He spent much of that time mourning the death of his close friend Camu Tao, dissolving his record label, Definitive Jux, and coming to terms with his demons as he looked into an unpredictable future. Lucky for us, he somehow managed to put all that pain down on wax and emerge rough and ready to take on all comers. Continue reading →

Every City Could Have a “Dead City”

callamap copy 3

This is a TheatreForté post from a long time ago, and I’m still proud of it.

The comments at Matthew Freeman’s Theatre and Politics blog have wrought an idea I’d never heard or had before.

What would be the logistics of “national openings” for major plays? What if, in lieu of endless try-outs, major productions … all opened with different casts on the same night at major theaters throughout the United States AND Broadway?

Wow. I love this idea. Let’s explore it a bit.

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